The selection of faculty is in line with University Norms and Guidelines.

For both Management and IT the Institute requires Faculty with extensive teaching experience as well as faculty from Industry with experience. This is must for Industry Application oriented subjects.

We have adhered to the same rule.

Our faculty provides ample exposure to students about academic skills and industry practices.

This is relevant in case of Case Study approach.

Our overall process keeps into mind that majority of our students are adults hence we adopt techniques recommended for adult pedagogy i,e. Teach with live examples.

Some subjects require different approach. In view of this we have appointed adjunct faculty members with substantial experience in Industry in various business areas who provide a realistic picture of Industrial scenario to the students.

ASM’s IMCOST Faculty

  • Faculty members include experts from industry, academia & government bodies.
  • Experts from the industry to act as part time faculty members.
  • Global exposure through regular visits of foreign faculty.
  • Holistic development of students through various educational, social and cultural activities.
  • Contemporary teaching methods.

Teaching System

  • Co-curricular activities
  • Interactive sessions between faculty and students.
  • Case Study approach
  • Industry visits
  • Industry-Institute-Interfacing
  • Regular FDP programs for Teachers.
  • Regular Workshops and Seminars.