Name :- Priyanka Mohan Kulkarni
MMS – Marketing
Current Organization: – Joint venture between Greenshields project cargo & Fairmacs shipping Services
Designation : – Joint venture Manager ( Sales & Operation )
Experience :- 2 Years 8 months

I had great journey with very knowledgeable professors & tutors in IMCOST. IMCOST has also given me a placement in above mentioned company which literally has made my life. The experience which I have received from my college is the only reason I can participate & interact with my international clients & vendors .
Due to the confidence gained during college days by participating in various events I could perform international level presentation @ Rome, Italy March 2016 .

Name :- Gaurav Thakur
MMS – Marketing
Current Organization : – Yorkton Tribal Council (Yorkton, SK Canada)
Designation : – Economic Development Coordinator

“I hereby Thank IMCOST for making me the man I am now….A big Thank You.”

Name:-Mr Pratik Pawar
Current Organization:- Eupheus Academy
Designation:- An Entrepreneur

Management Course helps to enhance the entrepreneur skills. The platform which I got from IMCOST; now I am putting that to practice. Eupheus is the initiative which I have taken and now we are having 104 students of Std. VIIth to Xth of Maharashtra State Board.

Name:- Mr. Pranit Vijay Khot
MMS (Marketing)
Current Organization:- PAK’nSAVE, Foodstuffs New Zealand
Designation:- Checkout Operator

“I love IMCOST! The support offered to students here is amazing. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to study and recommend the experience to everyone. I feel it reignited my passion for Marketing and has given me something extra to bring to my overseas journey. Trying to sum up the best 2 years of my life is not easy to do.

Even today I still can’t find the words to explain how much it changed my life.”

Name:- Mr C.R.Seshadri
Current Organization:- Metal Power
Designation:- PRESIDENT-Global Sales & Marketing

IMCOST has given me the opportunity in terms of quality education to expand my horizon and be successful not just in India but abroad as well.

Name:- Mr.Viredra A. Baranwal
Current Organization: Wipro
Designation: Project Engineer

At IMCOST I got to hone my technical skills as I was under good faculty who mentored me. IMCOST provided with workshop training on changing trends in the IT sector. It also provided me with job opportunity in WIPRO. I am Thankful for this immense job opportunity.

Name: Miss Komal Kailash Fulekar
MMS (Finance) Pursuing Phd (Finance) from Mumbai University
Current Organization: Bank of Baroda
Designation: Officer 

Being a Science graduate, I was able to pursue my MMS Degree in a smooth manner. Thanks to the correct career guidance provided to me by the Management and faculties

Name : Mr Abhishek Chavan
MMS (Marketing)
Current Organization : Reliance Digital
Designation : Manager

At IMCOST due to the Industry Interface with Corporate stalwarts and application based knowledge provided; I was able to put to use the marketing nuances in my corporate career.

Name : Miss Tanaya Vivek Kale

Thanking IMCOST from the better of my heart. I am Grateful to the team for providing me with the quality education. Balancing life with courage, this attitude is blessing to me from IMCOST.

Name:- Bhupendra Singh Rajpurohit
M.M.S (Marketing)
Present Organization:- Shoppers Stop retail Pvt. Ltd.
Designation:- Manager in operation & sales

Most important thing today is Selling. Thank You IMCOST for grooming me Selling and Negotiation Skills. I strongly recommend institute for ones better prospects.

Name:- Nilesh Suresh Dongre
Current Organization:- – L&T (Division – E&A)
Designation:- Design Manager


Current Organization:- TJSB CO OP BANK
Designation:- Senior Officer (Branch Operations)

I got this opportunity through IMCOST. I recommend the Institute to each and every aspirant.

Name:- Abhijit Devram Snehalata Deokar.
Current Organization:- Asian Gallant LLP
Designation-Founder & MD

Life is all about taking risk. Risk Bearing capacity is taught to me by IMCOST. I participated and initiated many events in Institute. The faculties and organizational culture supported alot to bring true colours in me.

Name:- Ganesh Shivaji Sunita Jadhav.
Current Organization:- Asian Gallant LLP

People are Oxygen of the Organization. This was taught to me at IMCOST. People Skills .. that was the word which was crafted by IMCOST in me.

Name:- Abhijeet Kelkar
Current Organization:- Saint Gobain Pvt. Ltd.
Designation-Management Trainee

Got a job in such an esteemed organization. I am able to nurture my creativity and Business skills because of valuable lesson IMCOST has carved for their students.

Name:- Omkar Gogle
Current Organization:- Saint Gobain Pvt. Ltd.
Designation-Management Trainee

Thank you IMCOST Team for providing me opportunity in such a reputed organization. I owe whole credit to the effort and hard work IMCOST management and Faculties.