Date Upcoming Events Particulars
05.01.2017 to 13.01.2017 Industrial Visit Kulu- Manali – Chandigarh
18.1.2017 Management /IT Enclave A Platrform to Express Thoughts- Intercollegiate Competition
21.01.2017 to 22.01.2017 International Conference (INCON) at Pune Campus Research Paper Presentation
28.01.2017 Inercollegiate Drama Competition Comic Act
04.02.2017 MindSpace Corporate Case Study Solving Competition “Raise an Exclamation on Full Stop.”
18.02.2017 International Seminar on Management & IT (INSEMIT) at Thane Campus Research Paper Presentation
23.02.2017-To-25.02.2017 Genesis Theme – “All work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy”
04.03.2017 Farewell Party “A New Beginning”
11.03.2017 Alumni Meet Build-Engage-Enjoy