Date: 1st July 2017
Different shrubs and plants were planted in IMCOST campus by the students of BMS, MMS and MCA course on occasion of National Tree Plantation Day.
As a part of generating awareness about Nature and its conservation the activity was undertaken with full enthusiasm.

The official Quizzing club of IMCOST. Quizzing club arranges quiz for all section of MCA, intra-class, inter-class and even inter-college competitions. Purpose of quizzing club is to strengthen the General Knowledge and technical knowledge of students

A Good peer buddy program can play an invaluable role in making inclusion happen. We at IMCOST are committed to inclusion; everybody wins is our motto! With our unique Buddy Program, students enjoy higher academic achievement and new friendships. Our buddy program not only sparks student interest but also clarifies the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, and students. Peer- Buddy bonding has a lasting impact for life time with a silent poem of friendship.

Innovation is the buzz word world over today. Hence Innovation club will attempt promotion of creativity, exploring opportunities and methods of innovation. Innovation Club aspires to become the innovation hub for all. We strongly believe innovative solutions take birth in non-related thinking areas.

When students participate in sports, they can benefit not only physically, but also socially and mentally. Participation in various sports activities, inter-college and Intra College athletics may benefit in physical and mental development, which in turn helps in improving the academics as well. Under the sports club the student member coordinates, organizes and supervises various sport activities and hence gains a sense of belonging and feels more connected to the institute as well as the class mates.

YOUTH FOR CAUSE : SOCIAL AWARENESS CLUBPurpose of Social club is to do CSR activity and generate awareness among students and society on social and current issues. This is achieved through road shows, role plays and street play act by the students. Social club will be active 2 times in each semester.