8 Reasons Why You Should Study In Mumbai

Why you should study in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the worlds largest and most bewildering cities, full of colour, vibrancy and noise. It is Indias cultural capital and the fourth most populous city in the world, with more than 20 million inhabitants sprawled across its seven islands. Fashion, Film, Nightlife, Bazaars and Industries; amidst all this, Mumbai is a great center for education too.

Your education is not limited to your institute, university or college you go to, you learn more when you are out and about in the city.

If you ever thought of studying in Mumbai and wanted to know whats in it for you, then

Here Are Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Study In Mumbai:

1. The City Of Opportunities

Do you aspire to be an actor, singer, dancer or even a tattoo artist? Or maybe more? The city embraces your hobbies and dreams, no matter how small or big they are. With so many industries established, the opportunities are plenty in number too.

2. Knowledge Hub

Apart from being a business and trade metropolis, Mumbai has great Institutes and Universities, which makes it the best place to study. Being home to more than 80 Universities and Research Institutes, students can seek quality education in all fields and according to their own interests.

3. Weekend Getaways

Pack your bags and visit the hill stations with your friends over a weekend. Trek the hill, take a boat ride or have a sleepover by the tents and enjoying the night alongside a campfire. Being surrounded by the spectacular Western Ghats, there are numerous weekend getaways from Mumbai with incredible scenic beauty.

4. A City That Never Sleeps

The city that never sleeps, the city that makes you feel safe at night, and the city that makes every dream come alive, is also the city that parties all night! The city gives you ample opportunities for you to be part of theatre groups, camping clubs and meet-ups over the weekend, which can help you gain experience and network.

5. Established Industries

Mumbai has been the hub of Industries across all sorts of domains. Be it technology, telecom, health, real- estate, manufacturing or even entertainment, Mumbai has got it all. The opportunities are ample, more so for the people who are getting their education degree and internship from here.

6. Festive Vibe

Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Navratri and especially Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated here with great enthusiasm and sheer joy. You could hear the chants of thousands of people chanting and singing for the Visarjan. One gets lost in the beats and music of the grand event.

It gives you a great opportunity to immerse yourself deep into the culture of India.

7. Great Street Food

Mumbai has the best street-food options. The food served is of every kind that you can think of and sustains quality with taste. And of course, it is cheaper on the students pocket too.

8. Immigrants From All Across The Country

About 1.7 million people come to Mumbai every year to be something, to do something or to become someone. Similarly, you get to see students all across the country coming to Mumbai for their under- graduation, post- graduation and even part-time diploma courses.

It is always a right time when you decide and take action on it. Mumbai has world-class education centers where you can learn and enjoy the most vibrant life.

ASMs IMCOST is located at Thane Location in Mumbai. It has a wide array of undergraduate and post-graduate courses. The college gives you the right edge you need with its industry tie-ups and global certifications programs to keep you ahead of others. To know more about the college and its programs, log on to www.imcost.edu.in

Why Apply At ASMs IMCOST For Masters In Management Studies

Why Apply at ASMs IMCOST for Masters in Management

ASM Group of Institutes offer MBA, PGDM and even Masters in Management. Masters in management Studies is offered at IMCOST Mumbai, located at Thane.

If you wanted to study Masters in Management and are confused which institutes to pick or which location to go for, here is the list mentioning why you should go for Masters in Management from ASMs IMCOST:

1. Location Advantage
Your outlook towards career and life changes not only with your institute but also with the kind of city you are studying in. There are ample industries of all kinds where you can make your career.

2. Company Tie-ups
ASMs IMCOST has tie-ups with companies such as IBM and SAP which will help you leverage specialization and make your resume stronger. There are other links too which go a long way in getting you internships and jobs.

3. Course Delivery Partners
Masters in Management has course partners such HBS Online for online courses, IBM for Business analytics certification, MILES for CPA, PRIMUS for SAP, IIM Bangalore Tie-up as well for IIMBx course. Not only that, the most advanced methodologies such as Google Classroom and case studies from teachers and worldwide are used.

4. Best opportunities
You get the best with MMS from IMCOST. You attend training programs, do Industry visits, and learn from the industry professionals, who come and deliver lectures to the students.

5. 360-degree grooming

ASM has a program named ASM EDGE across all campuses and all postgraduate courses. The program basically works on the overall growth of students to make them employable. It works on improving their communications skills and industry knowledge.

6. Focus on Placement
IMCOST has multiple collaborations with MNCs who come and recruit students because they trust our trained students. Many of our students get placed in esteemed companies such as CitiBank, XEROX, Capgemini, Bridgestone and Johnson & Johnson and many more.

ASMs IMCOST has all the answers up its sleeve when it comes to a rounded Masters in Management course. Starting from course delivery partnerships to organizing job fairs where 200+ companies visit us for recruitment, the advantages are plenty.

If you want to know how MMS from ASMs IMCOST can help you get your dream job, place an enquiry for counseling or give us a call at(022) 25832452 / 25832463. Mob: 9372104632 / 8928222124 / 9820816932 / 9769088077 or email at admission.imcost@asmimcostedu.org.

7 Reasons Why MMS Is The Best Alternative

why MMS is the best Alternative

A Master in Management Studies, also known as MMS, is a postgraduate program for students whether or not they have prior business knowledge. In this competitive era, MMS is an equivalent course to MBA and PGDM.

Here are the top 7 benefits why you should totally go for Master in Management:

1. Needs no Experience
A fresh graduate degree is all you need. One of the best things about MMS is that it needs no work experience to enroll in the program.

2. Affordable
MMS degree is less costly as compared to a PGDM course. Students who want to get a management degree and dont have enough money to afford a costly MBA degree, MMS is a great choice for them.

3. Internationally Recognized Course
MMS has seen a constant rise in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. The courses are made for an international audience being offered in English.

4. Value for Money
Master in Management Studies course is value for money course because at almost 1/3rd the price (according to the average fee structure, worldwide), you get a similar experience to MBAs from other reputed institutes.

5. Fresh vibes

Because the students are fresh graduates and usually age between 22 and 24, you get to see the young crowd at the course. It is refreshing and productive too as young minds are the sharpest and do wonders.

6. Acquire leadership and managerial skills
You learn from a diverse array of subjects of management. Profound leaders from different organizations come and give guest lectures to the students. It helps them understand the challenges and skills they need to acquire to take on their dreams.

7. Rounded Experience
MMS gives you a three-dimensional experience. Be it in terms of curriculum or the management activities organized across the duration of the course, you will come out a different and evolved person.

Gone are the days when only MBA was a degree for students inclined in management. Now, we have PGDM and MMS too. ASMs IMCOST provide Masters in Management Studies in Mumbai. The course has collaborations with the likes of IBM and SAP which help you gain certification and industry knowledge, improving your employment chances. Apart from that, there are ample course from HBS online which will help your understand the challenges of organizations.

If you want to know how MMS from ASMs IMCOST can help you get your dream job, Place an enquiry for counseling or give us a call at(022) 25832452 / 25832463. Mob: 9372104632 / 8928222124 / 9820816932 / 9769088077 or email at admission.imcost@asmimcostedu.org.

The 8 Big Benefits of having a Digital Marketing Career in India

Benefits Digital Marketing

The rules of marketing have changed since Digital Marketing became a prominent method of putting product and services to consumers. Come to think of it, it has been one of the few career choices that have lived up to the hype it has created. Increased pay, clients shelling out more revenues and diverse working profiles are some of the many benefits of a digital marketing career in India.

Listing 8 more reasons below for you to pursue this lucrative career.

1. Soaring Demand

Digital Marketing demand has increased consistently over the last few years. According to a report, India has over 460 million internet users and numbers are growing, every passing moment. The prime ministers Digital India Campaign has only boosted its awareness.

2. Short Term Training Courses

There are multiple short term digital marketing courses that help you pursue a career in your favourite working profile. Lately, colleges have started incorporating digital marketing as a specialization in their Undergraduate courses.

3. Skill-Driven Industry

The domain is in dire need of creative working professionals who are really good at what they do. It can be anything. Copywriting, UI designing, SEO work, Website designing; take your pick. The industry is vast and needs skilled professionals.

4. Evolving Market

Brands, in order to sell their products, are looking for heart touching campaigns apart from a good website and active social handles. Multiple companies are using the same social media influencer for different products.
Back then, one influencer used to be tagged for one brand only. Not anymore. They switch brands in about a month, now. That is how dynamic, fast and versatile the market has become.

5. Handsome Salary

Companies are willing to pay well because there is a lot of demand and not so much supply. Because there can be nothing better than working what you love and getting a good salary in return too. The people who started working in digital marketing 3-4 years ago are earning a lot of money today.

6. Creative Freedom

You get a lot of chances to put across your ideas and if they are good enough, they go through too. You can decide the nature of a campaign, creative or a good creative copy depending upon the nature of your profile. If you want a sense of freedom while working, digital marketing is the way to go.

7. Work with Ad Agencies

An ad agency work with multiple clients. Automobile Brands, Education Leaders, Real estate builders, Restaurant, and the list wont end. There a host of job profiles which fall under the digital marketing domain. A few profiles for which you can work on are:

  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Analyst
  • Account Manager
  • Graphic / UX designer

8. Great work- life balance

Digital Marketing companies tend to have a cool working environment. It also has a lot to do the kind of work they do i.e. funny and creative. You can opt to work for such a company or you can be your own boss, freelancing and working on projects from home.

Digital Marketing is THE thing now. And it is here to stay. With more growth and challenges of course. A training at some premier Institute, a course that has a digital marketing specialization or an agency that is giving internships; you can start anywhere. If the career paths and profiles in digital marketing incite you, now is the time!

ASMs IMCOST has UG courses with digital marketing as a specialization. If you are interested in a career that is exciting and pays well, give us a call at (022) 25832452 / 25829318 / 25832466

Mob: 9820816932 / 7045944373 or drop us an email at info@asmimcostedu.org to know how our undergraduate courses can help you get your dream job.

What Is The Future Scope Of The Digital Marketing In India?

scope of digital marketing in india

Today, as per the stats, nearly about 60% of the worlds population uses the Internet. Just two years ago, it was 40%. One can imagine the rate at which people are using the Internet to do almost everything. From ordering foods and vegetables to booking cabs to leasing furniture to people becoming viral influencers, everything has gone digital.

A business without a digital presence is bound to go Kaput in no time.
Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products or services via digital channels to reach consumers. Brands used to get promoted before too, but the means and mediums were limited. With the advent of digital media, the norms and rules are changed. And rightly so.

Wondering what the fuss is about?

Digital Marketing Benefits- The Emergence of a Powerful Form of Marketing

What makes digital marketing such an exciting area for study and work is the lightening pace at which it is changing. New technologies, apps and devices can change the way we market to consumers very quickly and hence make our learning very diverse and open-ended.

So what makes Digital Marketing such a relevant topic for students to study?

  • Companies are keen on data collection
  • Social media is an ever-growing marketing platform
  • Website need to capture the eye
  • Mobile is a 24/7 marketing tool
  • You can bring new ideas to the table

Scope of Digital Marketing in India:

Digital Marketing took India by the storm when over 8 lac jobs opportunities were created in 2017 first quarter only. PM Modis Digital India campaign only ignited the spark. Digital Marketing industry is worth $68 billion and is growing at a 40% growth rate. With the increase in internet users and organizations promoting their content through social media, the job roles and options are only going to advance. 40% of todays businesses depend entirely on digital marketing and it is estimated that more than 90% of businesses will go digital.

Digital Marketing Courses and Career Prospects:

With time, Digital Marketing has progressed and become much more than just a run of the mill – SEO and Social Media Marketing. A lot of Digital Marketing agencies came up catering to different companies for their product and brand management. Meanwhile, other training centers also introduced online and offline to train people in the digital marketing domain. Both, the above mentioned go hand-in-hand to cater to the heavy demand of the market. SEO, Google Ads, Mobile Advertisement, Web Analytics, Content and Inbound Marketing, Email and Affiliate Marketing, Video Advertising and Social Media Marketing are fields of training and courses in Digital Marketing.

Career prospects are really shiny and challenging in the digital marketing domain. You got to be on top of your game. Here is the list of profile that you may get hired for, depending on your skills of course:

1. Social Media Executive:

Manages allsocial mediachannels, team members, campaigns to engage customers and customer satisfaction.

2. Account Managers:

Generate sales for clientaccounts, including upsetting and cross-selling. Operates as the point of contact for assigned customers. Develops and maintains long-term relationships withaccounts. Makes sure clients receive requested products and services in a timely manner.

3. Copywriter:

Writing sharp and succinct copies that entice the consumers on an emotional level. So much so that they are compelled to become lead and sales for the product.

4. SEO Analyst:

Responsible for ensuring that a business’ online content can be found and viewed by potential and current customers. Improves the visibility and rankings of website pages on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

5. Paid Search Analyst:

Responsible for performing daily account management and of pay per click accounts on Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and other search platforms for clients. PPC Analyst can support initiatives that will contribute to the success of client campaigns.

6. Brand Manager:

Responsible for managing the overall brand and tonality of its social content, across all platforms. They also plan, develop strategies to increase the value and performance of a specificbrand, service or product.


With bigger giants using blogs, Influencer campaigns, SEO and other digital marketing tools, the games of marketing have changed. And they are changing at a disruptive pace.

Today, it matters a lot how people look at a brand more than how they look at the product. With peoples fluctuating focus is on this dynamic and fast world, digital marketing is likely to get challenging and bigger. So if you want a splendid career in the domain, you got to understand not only the nitty-gritty of the business but also the cutting-edge advancements in tools and technology. You need a course that gives you the right curriculum that incorporates theoretical and practical knowledge in Digital Marketing. It can be a part-time course from dedicated institutes but its rewarding if a college program has the option to give you a specialization in DM with a UG course.

AMSs IMCOST in Mumbai and CSIT in Pune has the option of having specialization in Digital Marketing with almost all UG courses.

Curious how UG Courses from ASMs CSIT and IMCOST can help you get your dream job in Digital Marketing?

ASMs CSIT – Place an inquiry today for free counseling at csit@asmedu.org or call us today at: 020-66351700 / +91- 9422009214. Website www.csit.edu.in

ASMs IMCOST – Place an inquiry today at info@asmimcostedu.org for free counseling or call us today at (022) 25832452 / 9820816932 / 7045944373. Website www.imcost.edu.in

Which Is The Best College In Mumbai For UG Programs?

Best college in Mumbai for UG

Mumbai is a city of dreams. Many people come to the city to fulfill their goals. Apart from being the hub of the entertainment industry, Mumbai is an education hub as well.
Many MNCs and manufacturing giants are located in Mumbai, making it a favorable place to get employed.

The UG courses are the topmost choice for the intermediate pass-outs. They no longer put themselves for traditional 4-year degree courses.

Since 2004, IMCOST has seen more than 2000+ alumni successfully placed through their undergraduate programs. Institute of Management & Computer Studies (IMCOST), was established in 2004 in Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane, Maharashtra, taken its affiliation from the University of Mumbai, which is one of the best universities of India.


Located at a leading Education destination i.e. Mumbai (Thane), the college was established, with the goal to provide opportunity to students belonging to all sections of the society for acquiring quality education in Management and commerce stream at the undergraduate level. The college is still touted as the best UG College and for good reasons too.

1. Industry Exposure:

Students at IMCOST get to visit multiple industries during their course tenure. IMCOST runs a program named EASE (Encouraging Aptitude & Skills for Excellence) that works on overall development of students. Through professional certifications from companies like IBM and SAP, and training them on their soft skills, they become a competent and critical thinker.

2. Courses Compatible With Market

With the varying market, the needs are changing. The courses need to incorporate that as well. AMS UG courses were started to meet the demands in Accounts, Banking and Financial Domain. The successfully placed students are a testimony to that.

  • B. Com. (Accounting and Finance)
  • B. Com. (Banking and Insurance)
  • B. Com. (Financial Markets)
  • BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

3. Integrated Industry Oriented Specialization

Lately, the specialization has become benchmarks in courses, even in under-graduate courses. No matter what the domain is, the market demands resources who have expertise in industry-oriented specializations such as:

A. US CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst):

B. US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) in Collaboration with IBM:

C. US CSCA + CMA (Certified In Strategy And Competitive Analysis & Certified Management Accountant)
D. Business Analytics (in Collaboration with IBM)

E. Logistics Management

F. Digital Marketing

4. Placement Opportunities

The college sees a lot of recruiters visiting the campus. Not only that, the vast alumni network helps with internships and job referrals to current students. Named companies such as HDFC, Capgemini, Reliance Communication, Naturella, Aditya Birla Insurance and many more recruit the students before their completion of UG degree.

5. Tie- Ups

There are student exchange programs too which allow you to study the whole semester abroad. It all helps in all- rounded development of the student. Holistic development through a range of academic, cultural, sports, team building activities, competitions, soft skills training, industry interfacing, etc is also done on a regular basis.


Gone are the days when a post- graduate degree was a must and organizations considered under graduates unworthy of jobs. With changing times, the current perspective shows that younger resources work with more fire and zeal. With the changed dynamics of recruitment, a right UG degree done with passion and right attitude will bear results.

ASM Group has been providing quality education for 36 years. IMCOST was established in 2004 to cater the growing demand of UG courses.

Curious how UG Courses from ASMs IMCOST can help you get your dream job? Place an inquiry today at info@asmimcostedu.org for free counseling or call us today at (022) 25832452 / 9820816932 / 7045944373.

7 Reasons why students must prefer MMS programme of IMCOST


7 Reasons why student must prefer MMS programme of IMCOST

Institute of Management and Computer Science (IMCOST) is a top ranked B School backed by the iconic Audyogik Sikshan Mandal (ASM) group. IMCOST is a pioneer in the field of IT and management education which grooms students to develop themselves into competent professionals capable of handling modern corporate responsibilities and challenges.

Here’s why student must prefer IMCOST for MMS:


1.  IMCOST Ranking:

  • According to Business Baron, IMCOST is ranked 6th in the Top B-Schools in Mumbai.
  • It is also ranked in top B Schools listed by DJS- The week & Business Chronicle.


2.  Iconic ASM Group:

  • ASM has a 32 year legacy in the field of education from kindergarten to doctorate.
  • Through this period ASM has a proven track record with a strong base of over 55000+ alumni.
  • 5 Campuses, with 5000 students spread across 2 cities


3.  Infrastructure:

State-of-the-art infrastructure, which includes Wi-Fi enabled campuses, sporting facilities, well stocked libraries, computer centers, classrooms etc. all equipped with the latest technology.


4.  Holistic Education Approach:

IMCOST adopts a 360 degree education approach which emphasizes on holistic development of students to enhance their business, technical and soft skills for overall personality development. Institute’s mainstream teaching is backed by industrial interaction for the realistic view of the corporate world.


5.  Foreign Faculty:

Each year, renowned dignitaries from international universities, industries and research organizations, visit the institute to share global and current management inputs with the students.


6.  Location Advantage:

The institute is located in the industrial belt of Thane city, which bonds the institute with industries, allowing practical application of integrated learning pedagogy such as industrial visits, live projects, summer internships, company analysis and more for the benefits of the students.


7.  Impeccable Placement Record:

The institute’s myriad activities like student profiling, counseling, Job analysis, placement training etc. play an integral role in making our students the choicest pick for organizations like Deloitte, Accenture, Syntel, Infosys, Snapdeal etc. who have consistently shown faith on IMCOST by regularly participating in its placement drive.

An MMS programme of IMCOST is designed to drive students’ skills and business strategic understanding to a whole new level. It truly provides all-round grooming of the students and molds them into confident managers capable of consistently performing well in their future endeavours.

Kick-Start Your Management Career with ASM IMCOST’s Bachelor of Management Studies

When one thinks of management courses, BBA or MBA are probably the first words that come to mind. However, these are not the only courses out there if a career in management is your goal. When talking about undergraduate courses, there is another option that you can take a look at – Bachelor of Management Studies. Also known as BMS, this course is perfect for gaining knowledge and enhancing skills for future management positions in corporate organizations.

How can a BMS Course be Helpful for my Career?

BMS provides students a strong foundation in management studies. It is particularly useful for people who are interested in fields like organizational behavior and development, and human resource management. Students can learn about how organizations are run and managed in local, national, and international locations.

Realize the Dream of a BMS Degree at ASM’s IMCOST

ASM’s Institute of Management and Computer Studies (IMCOST) is one of the leading management institutes in Maharashtra. Located in Thane, Mumbai, the institute offers a three year, full-time BMS course. There are many benefits that students can receive by choosing to take this course:

  1. Get an insight about modern management practices.
  2. Cultivate a culture of self-discipline, focus, and determination for future career.
  3. Receive adequate training to meet aspirations of holding management positions in organizations.
  4. Get and stay updated with latest industrial practices, changes, etc.

The course curriculum has been developed by the University of Mumbai. The course is designed to give students a comprehensive idea about organizational management, and through understanding of subjects like marketing, HR, law, finance, and communication. The course is divided into 6 semesters; the students have to pick electives during the fifth and sixth semesters as well as take on project work. You can find out more details by clicking here.

Who Can Apply?
The following students/candidates are eligible to apply for the course:

how to apply

  • Students who having passed Class 12 (HSC exams) from Maharashtra State Board of Higher Education.
  • Students who having passed any exam that is recognized as an equivalent to the HSC examinations.
  • Students who have completed a two or three year diploma in any engineering branch post SSC exams. This diploma should have been conducted by the Board of Technical Education. 
  • Candidates from Arts, Commerce, & Science Diploma streams with minimum 45% aggregate (40% in case of reserved category).

What is the Admission Procedure?

Eligible candidates can apply for the BMS course by filling in and submitting the application form along with copies of their 10th, 12th mark sheets, & photo ID proof. Candidates can either send the form and documents to the institute via post, or submit soft copies on the institute’s website.


The candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of the information given provided in the forms and their mark sheets. Selected candidates can then take admission by submitting other necessary documents requested by the institute, and paying the admission fees by a stipulated date.

Choose ASM IMCOST’s Bachelor of Management Studies course, and you will receive a strong foundation in management education, which will propel you to a successful career.

ASM IMCSOST’s MHRDM – Your Key to a Successful Career in Human Resources

ASM’s Institute of Management and Computer Studies (IMCOST) provides a variety of part-time and full-time management courses that help young students become knowledgeable and experienced professionals for important positions in various organizations. One of the well-known courses offered by IMCOST is the Master of Human Resources Development Management (MHRDM).This 3 year, part-time course is conducted with the support of the University of Mumbai. The course is designed to prepare students for top Human Resources (HR) positions in public and private sector organizations.
What is the Scope of an HR Manager’s Position in Industries Today?

The course educates the students about the various tasks that they will have to perform as HR managers, such as:

• Organizational Behavior

• Business Communications

• Marketing Management

• Management Information Systems

• Human Resource Planning and Auditing

• Compensation and Benefits

• Role of HR in Knowledge Management

Job Opportunities with Masters of Human Resources Development Management

The MHRDM course can open up a wide variety of job opportunities in terms of designations, various industries, and salaries.

• Positions: There are many job positions that HR management students can apply for, upon completion of the course. Some of the general ones are given below:

o Human Resources Manager

o Human Resources Specialist

o Training and Development Manager

o Deputy General Manager

o Assistant General Manager

• Industries: Since HR is an essential department in any company, you can possibly find a job in an industry of your choosing. Some of the popular industries that students try out for are:

o Healthcare

o Manufacturing

o Information Technology

o Employment Services

o Media and Entertainment

o Technical Services

o Government Agencies

• Salaries: According to Payscale.com, a site that conducts surveys on various careers and salaries, an HR Manager in India can earn an average salary of Rs. 5,86,000 per year. Freshers who get hired as executives can start at an average salary of Rs. 2,34,000. If you choose to stay in the same field, and depending on your experience and seniority, HR professionals in top management positions can earn anywhere up to Rs. 1,197,920. These surveys are conducted for the year of 2014.

With the right Masters Course, and proper guidance and exposure, a management graduate can have a profitable and successful career in human relations.

How ASMs IMCOST Provides International Exposure to its Students

In today’s globalized markets, where conducting business with foreign delegates has become a common task, it is important for young graduates to have knowledge and exposure to international business and educational scenarios. ASM’s Institute of Management and Computer Studies understands the importance of international exposure. This is why the institute takes immense efforts to provide activities, which will help raise the students awareness of global scenarios.

Opening Up Minds to International Scenarios

Perhaps the most successful activity conducted by ASM’s IMCOST is the international tours. The institute takes the students to different countries, where they visit a variety of organizations and educational campuses. The students are also taken to various tourist destinations so that they can get an understanding of the historical, social, and cultural aspects of a city. This helps in the all-round development of students.

During this study program, the students participate in industrial visits, talk to experts from various corporate and educational fields, as well as attend traditional classroom lectures. This gives the students an opportunity to understand the historical and socio-economic aspects of the local corporate and industrial markets.

The students also participate in social functions and festivals, where they interact with local and other international students. They learn about different cultures and traditions, as well as share information about India’s culture.

ASM’s IMCOST also provides a student exchange program, which is organized in partnership with various foreign universities. Indian students are given the opportunity to travel and study abroad for a semester in an international university. Likewise, foreign students are given the opportunity to come to India and take a semester at IMCOST.

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