Dr. Irshad Kazi - Principal, UG IMCOST

Dr. Irshad Kazi

Principal IMCOST, MBA, Ph.D

Dear Students,

Economists believe the growth in management education is a barometer of growth in economy of the country!!!

Professional Courses have made a phenomenal growth spreading their influence all over India. These courses have become the buzzword and is perceived as a must have academia qualifications for success in today’s corporate world. This knowledge economy has opened the routes for these programs and degrees. The rise of BMS, B. Com (BAF, BBI & BFM) in India is meteoric and as of now continues to hit and cross the stratosphere.

We at IMCOST defines these program as the spectrum of quality education, global curriculum, eminent faculties, efficient staff, integrative learning, ethical culture, fair judgments, facilities and infrastructure and deserving placements.

Character, Competency and Commitment are the three pillars of IMCOST on which a conducive environment is boosted. The teaching pedagogy and facilities provided in the campus gives the right impetus for a great student life and a rewarding career in the future. We aim at launching global citizens in the market which will leads to substantial development of the economy.

Our dream is to igniting the minds, nurturing values, articulating nascent ability in you, thus making you the corporate leaders of tomorrow!!!