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Current global economy, businesses, and professional scenarios are all highly demanding. It is not sufficient for a student and later a professional to be proficient only in particular set of skills. What is expected from an all-rounder is to go beyond linguistic and cultural barriers to build a great career and serve as an important asset to the company’s business.
We at Institute of Management and Computer Studies (IMCOST) believe that a student should not be bound by any limitations. We do not keep the education of our students restricted to the four walls of classroom, nor do we restrict them to national barriers. Our students are groomed to meet the expectations of global markets. We provide them with excellent opportunities to visit different countries and explore educational as well as cultural domains.
International Exposure to Students at ASM's IMCOST
Features and Benefits of International Exposure Provided to Students at ASM’s IMCOST
At IMCOST, the aim of international exposure is not only to arrange for overseas educational excursions but also to encourage the students to understand the global market and develop themselves accordingly. Here are few features and benefits of our international exposure initiative:

    • Our students get to visit the best international institutes, companies, and industries with the help of this initiative;


    • The students can understand international culture, diverse markets, and global economy better;


    • We provide the students a chance to interact personally with experts in different fields in the overseas campuses;


    • The educational approach in the international exposure program is a balance between conventional methods and modern techniques;


    • Our students get a chance to visit socially and economically important locations on these international tours;


    • Apart from the business and management viewpoints, we provide an insight into the cultural diversity of different countries to our students by arranging excursions to historical landmarks in such countries;


    • Our Student Exchange Program is an all-inclusive way of enhancing the perspective of our students on global strategies and diversities;


  • We go further than basic core subjects and offer understanding of the overall socio-economical conditions to our students through such international trips.

It is our belief that nothing educates better than practical knowledge, and through such international exchange programs, our students get first-hand experience into the practicality of the global market. With this program, our students are better prepared for the international market.