Our Internal Grievances Cell (ICC) is constituted as per Notification of AICTE, 2016 No. F. AICTE/WH/2016/01.All India Council for Technical Education (Gender Sensitization, Prevention and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students and Redressal of Grievances in Technical Institutions) Regulations, 2016dated10thJune.


Sr. No. Member Name Designation Email Contact no.
1. Dr. D. V. Kulkarni Director drdvkulkarni@asmimcostedu.org 9323617111
2. Dr. Varshaa Parab Professor varshaaparab@asmimcostedu.org 9820816932
3. Dr. Irshhad Kazi Principal irshhadkaazi@asmimcostedu.org 9167906071
4 Prof. Swarupa Kulkarni Asst. Professor swarupa.kulkarni@asmimcostedu.org 8976164980
5 Mrs. Manisha Shinde Admin. Assistant mainsha.shinde@asmimcostedu.org 9930874349


1.The Internal Complaints Cell monitors and investigates matters& issues related to women in the Institute.

  1. The cell works on educating the staff and students on gender sensitisation.
  2. The cell mentors staff and students on prevention of sexual harassment of female employees and students in the campus.
  3. The cell accepts suggestions from staff and students in order to create a healthy and safe work environment for female staff and students in the Institute.
  4. The cell takes note of and admits complaints from women related to sexual harassment in the workplace by fellow colleagues & employees.
  5. If necessary the cell will constitute an Enquiry cell to examine complaints and ensure that strict disciplinary action is taken against the culprits.

The cell reports to the Director.