Career Options For Commerce Graduate Students

Students are confused before their graduation and more confused during the course and most confused after they have completed it. Done with your B. Com. and looking for career options? Or pursuing B. Com. and want to test the waters? In any case, it is never too late.

With the market booming in different sectors, you can choose from a wide list of career options. You just have to decide and follow afterwards.


12 Career Options After B.Com

Accessing your own skills and knowing your interests is the best way to go about it. When you know what your strengths are, it becomes easier to channelize that.

There are a lot of myths in the market that an undergraduate cannot earn a lot of money. Because if you are good at what you do, you can literally earn anywhere between 3 Lac to 30 Lac per annum, depending on the profile.


1. Chartered Accountant

This has been the most sought out career for all the commerce background students. Being a CA, you dont have to rely on companies hiring you. You can be doing it from your own office where you charge people for your services.


2. Auditor

An auditor takes care of the financial side of the company. He does the following activities

  • Doing Financial Audits
  • Verifying assets and liabilities
  • Ensure financial regulations and controls
  • Calculate risks

3. Investment Consultant

Big International Financial giants like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and many more hire investment consultants. The prime motive will be to advise and guide clients on investment strategies so that they can invest their money efficiently.


4. Accountant

To pursue this career, you have to pursue higher education i.e. M. Com. Most of the organizations need accountants for maintaining financial records and all other related matters.


5. Credit Officer

Also known as a loan officer, the credit officer checks the loan applications and checks if they are worthy of getting a loan by checking their credit score.

With people buying so many cars and taking home loans, there is ample opportunity for loan officers.


6. Government Employee

Government jobs are the best as they require graduation from any domain. If you are applying for the banking jobs, which are in plenty, then you have better chances to outperform your peers when you go for the training. The B. Com. education will come handy there. You are eligible to apply for Civil Services Exams (IAS, IES, IPS), SSC CGL, Railway RRB Exams, Banking Exams (IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, RBI etc.).


7. Digital Marketer

With everything becoming digital, digital marketing is the new thing. Many colleges, at the moment, are offering specialization in digital marketing. Its a good choice for students who dont have a keen interest in the finance side of accounts. You could be an account manager in a digital marketing firm.


8. Go for Higher Education

Well, you can always pursue higher education options such as MBA, M. Com., PGDM, and other postgraduate courses. If you are not willing to go for entry-level jobs, then sticking to a higher education course might be the right idea.


9. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst will be responsible for consolidating and analyzing data to come up with the data related to profits, finances, and strategies to tackle the challenges.


10. Legal Advisor

To become a legal advisor, you got to pursue LLB for that matter. With your knowledge of commerce and accounts, you will be much suited with your legal knowledge to take financial decisions.


11. Market Research Analyst

Market research companies have grown in sheer number as the market has also expanded exponentially. Customer surveys, gathering data and information related to the market with facts and figures.


12. Lecturer

You could go for higher studies and then clear the different exams later on & teach in schools or even colleges. You have to clear the B. Ed. Exam, however, to be eligible to apply to different vacancies. If not government jobs, private colleges and schools hire people as per their skill level. In some cases, they pay more than government jobs.


The jobs are plenty after your graduation. You dont necessarily have to continue with your education if you dont want to. You could pursue any of the above-mentioned career paths and still make it alright.

Whatever you decide, decide it consciously.


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