Jobs you can get with a b com accounting finance degree

Accounting and Finance are at the heart of any organization. They scale up as the organization grows bigger and better. No matter what kind of company you run, or work in, you have to pay the employees, spend on the assets, manage expenditures and calculate profits.

Are you still pursuing the B. Com. Course or passed out and figuring out which opportunity is right for you? In any case, the market today is very different from the market, say 5 years ago. Then, companies needed a Masters Degree for most of the roles but with time, respect for talented resources has increased rather than checking up on their degrees.

10 Jobs You Can Get With A B.Com. Accounting & Finance Degree

1. Accountant

Its the most commonly pursued career from the B. Com. Graduates. They usually become a junior accountant at the beginning. Their tasks are to maintain financial records and analyze balance sheets. Also, from time to time, they create special reports to give the financial status of the company.

2. Finance Manager

The primary role of a finance manager is to handle the clients assets as per their investment needs. They will take care of the said clients financial portfolio and manage it so that they dont incur losses.

3. Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst will analyze data to come up with companys statistics on profit, stability and other prospects. Doing the research and then creating reports will be the prime job description for this role.

4. Account Executive

They mainly help the organization in finding leads, closing the sales and help the existing clients. Creating sales strategies and promoting the product and its advantages to the client are their main line of work. It is more of a client-facing role than sitting on your machine kind of a job.

5. Chartered Accountant

This is the most sought-after job in this domain. A person has to crack CPT, IPCC and CA exam (all three) to become a CA. A CA could work for a big firm or better work for himself out of his own office. There is no dearth of opportunities for a full-fledged CA.

6. Senior Accountant

Of course, you become a Senior Accountant after getting your promotion from the junior position. This job requires you to prepare balance sheets, revenue, expenses and create financial sheets which are handy during a financial audit.

7. Assistant Finance Manager

An Assistant Finance Manager is responsible for preparing financial and business forms to check account balances and handle purchases. They also perform routine calculations to produce reports as requested by the finance manager.

8. Operations Manager

Operations Manager takes care of high-level HR duties, such as setting up the hiring process, attracting the talent, and setting training manual. They also help with setting up organizational processes and suggest policy changes to the main HR.

9. Account Manager

An Account Manager is responsible for handling clients and their sales. Theysustain the company’s existing relationships with a group of clients.

10. Financial Controller

A Financial Controller is responsible for maintaining accounts and overseeing that the company is not overshooting its expense budget. They can also perform cash management functions by handling reimbursements, account payables and payroll related things.

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So, if you have completed your graduation or you are on the brink of finishing it, the opportunities are plenty and will remain so in the coming future. All you need to decide is what profile fascinates you more, and work towards that accordingly. You may also start as an intern in organizations where they give you Pre Placement Offer.

Starting is necessary. Rest, everything will fall in place once you start working.


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