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What Next After Completing 12th?

Now that youve cleared an important hurdle in your academic career the 12th standard – its now time to look at the courses that you can do. It is important to remember that what you choose to do now is what you will make your career in. Therefore, you have to be extra careful and sure about the course you choose.

Science, Commerce & Arts students have the luxury of many choices. There are so many directions one can choose to go in. However, multiple choices also mean confusion. It is easy to make a wrong move when you are confused. So, you have to know and be sure about what course you want to do.

Instead of painstakingly looking at each course available, take a close look at the best courses you can do after 12th standard. These courses have a lot of scope for the future and will lead to great careers.

A) List Of Best Courses After 12th For Commerce Students

Commerce means money, and money is the end goal of all industries. Therefore, commerce is an important subject. Commerce students have many choices to contend with as it is an important field and graduates find work in almost every industry.

However, there are a few degree courses that you will get you great knowledge and better career opportunities. Graduates in these courses are highly sought after and earn handsome salary packages. The following courses are tough and require dedication from you. So, be sure to choose a subject you love.

1. B.Com in Accounting & Finance

The B.Com in Accounting & Finance is an excellent 3-year degree to have. Accounting and finance are such important factors in any industry that graduates find jobs easily. This course is also a great stepping stone to studying further for professions like a chartered accountant and financial analyst. These are some of the most important and high paying professions. Therefore, choose B.Com in Accounting & Finance for higher education and excellent career opportunities.

2. Bachelor of Management Studies

Learn all about management right at the undergraduate level with a Bachelor of Management Studies. This degree imparts knowledge of all the fundamentals of management in various industries through theory, practical, industrial visits, interaction with industry experts, and more. This degree prepares you to be an excellent leader and is also perfect if you want to do an MBA later.

3. B.Com in Banking & Insurance

The banking and insurance sectors are where most commerce graduates find jobs. These are some of the fastest-growing sectors in the country with double-digit growth each year. In the B.Com in Banking & Insurance degree, you learn business analytics, along with subjects like banking laws, accounting, insurance laws, risk assessment, insurance regulations and more.

4. Bachelors in Business Administration

BBA is another popular degree amongst undergrad students. Similar to a Bachelor of Management Studies, BBA is for those who want to get into the management aspect of any industry. You learn management concepts, marketing, finance, accounting, and many other important subjects. BBA degrees are enough to land a good job, but most BBA students go on to get MBA degrees before starting their careers.

5. Bachelor in Economics

Economics can be a difficult subject, but those who understand it love it with all their heart. In a Bachelor in Economics degree course, you get to learn about the concepts of economics, data analysis, economic laws, and policies. In a developing country like India, more people who understand economics are required. Also, many bachelors in economics graduates go on to get PhDs or become IAS civil servants as economics graduates are given preference.

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B) List of Best Courses after 12th for Science PCB Students

PCB stands for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These are the main basic science subjects. Many students opt for science for their 11th and 12th believing they have more career opportunities. And this notion is true as there are a plethora of graduate degree courses you can opt for after 12th.

Careers in science are still the number one preference for most students, but there are so many options, it can get confusing. Here are some of the best careers science PCB students can look into.

1. M.B.B.S.

The Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery degree remains the biggest dream of all science students. But getting admission in a good college is hard as you need to have excellent marks and the ability to pay high fees. This is a 5.5-year-long degree course, excluding internship, after which you become a doctor. You can further study for a Masters in Medicine (MD) or Masters in Surgery (MS). Our nation is famous for producing doctors, many of whom also work in foreign countries.

2. Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry

Bachelors of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry are also known as veterinary doctors. In this degree, you are taught how to treat animals with medicines and surgery. India has a shortage of veterinarians, and this is a good profession to get into. This is a 3-year degree course.

3. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Though physiotherapists are not doctors, their work and degree are certainly of that calibre. Students of this discipline learn to treat patients with exercise, massage, and other forms of physical treatments. This is a 4-year long bachelors degree, excluding internship, which is a minimum of 6 months.

4. Bachelor of Pharmacy

The 4-year Bachelor of Pharmacy degree opens doors for you to work in medicine, drugs, and the healthcare industry. You need to be strong in all the basic sciences as most subjects are related to them. Other subjects are related to research and marketing. You can further do a masters degree or become a Doctor of Pharmacy.

5. B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics is the degree required to be a qualified nutritionist or dietician. Students get to learn about foods, diets and the human body. Many students are opting for this course as there is a desperate need for nutritionists and dieticians owing to growing lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure in the country. Once qualified, you can find work in hospitals, private clinics or can start your practice.

C) List of Best Courses after 12th for Science PCM Students

PCM stands for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The combination of mathematics with physics and chemistry opens a lot of doors to many varied careers. So, you also have many options for degree courses.

These courses require utmost dedication to complete, but once you get your career started, it will all be worth it. The following are excellent degree courses you should consider if you are interested in PCM subjects.

1. Engineering

In engineering, either you can either choose Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology. Engineers are the ones who have built the post-industrialization world, and this continues to be a revered profession. Bachelor in Computer Engineering is also another popular engineering degree you can try. Most engineering degrees are 4 years in duration.

2. Bachelor in Computer Application

The Bachelor in Computer Application degree is one of the best ways to get a career in Information & Technology. In this degree, you get to learn about computers, software, programs, and their various applications. This is a 3-year degree course and is considered on par with a computer engineering degree.

3. Commercial Pilot Course

With a sharp rise in private airline operators in the country, theres also a huge demand for commercial pilots. Therefore, you can consider doing this course if you have an interest in flying. Some courses also teach you about aircraft maintenance, while some have a separate engineering degree for it.

4. Bachelor of Architecture

Arch is a 5-year long course where students can learn to become architects. It is a combination of engineering, art, and technology. Architecture is one of the most sought after professions as there is high demand and the salaries are also some of the best in the industry.

5. B. Des in Animation

Students with an interest in animation and graphic design can go for this degree right after the 12th standard. Animations and graphics are careers that are different from traditional careers, but many students are realising their potential and opting for it. This degree is also useful to make a career in game design.

D) List of Best Courses after 12th for Arts Students

People who have a leaning towards the creative side of life usually tend to pursue arts. The stream of arts has given us many writers, poets, freethinkers, social workers and more. There are many revered arts colleges all over the country. Therefore, if one wants to pursue the arts, the future is bright.

There was a time when there were only a handful of professions students interested in arts could pursue. But the scenario is quite different today. There are many wonderful degree courses you can pursue. Here are some of the best ones for excellent careers.

1. Bachelor of Journalism

You can enrol in a 3-year long bachelor of a journalism degree and become a journalist. You can choose to specialize in the media of your choice and make a career in that. Journalists hold a respected position in society as they are considered to be the 4th pillar in a democracy. Plus, journalists make good living.

2. Bachelors in Hotel Management

Popularly known as BHM, this 4-year degree is a gateway into the booming hospitality industry of the country. In BHM, one has to choose between the hospitality or the culinary arts. This degree has a lot of value as you can get a job easily. Many students also get this degree as they have dreams of having their food or hospitality business.

3. Event Management

One of the most difficult, yet one of the most rewarding professions is event management. For this, you need a bachelor’s degree in event management. In this, you learn all about planning, budgeting, managing and executing events. The job opportunities are plenty as well as earning opportunities.

4. Bachelors in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is gaining a lot of popularity. Today, there are many bachelors degree courses affiliated with prestigious universities. From designing clothes to completely creating them from scratch, the students are taught all. Graduates find jobs in the fashion industry or even start their boutiques.

5. Bachelors in Social Work

Now, this is a degree not many know about. Though anyone can enter into social work, there are full-fledged bachelors degree courses as well. The bachelor’s degree in social work is required if you want to work in the government or professional NGOs. And dont be mistaken by the words social work, social workers also make a decent living helping despite out others.

E) List of Vocational Courses after 12th

Vocational courses are non-traditional educational streams. However, students from science, arts, and commerce can also join. These courses are directly related to the profession. These courses are job-focused. Vocational courses are gaining popularity, and many government recognised universities are providing such courses. Previously, it only used to be private universities and institutes. The career opportunities are also excellent. Here are a few vocational courses to consider.

1. Degree in 3D Animation

India is the worlds go-to place for 3D animation and graphics. Therefore, there is a huge demand for 3D artists. Previously, people would do 3D as an additional course, but now you can do it straight after your 12th. You need to be good at drawing, art, and computers. The pay is great with many growth opportunities.

2. Degree in Culinary Arts

This is the degree you get to become a chef. Previously, to become a chef, you had to do hotel management, but with many universities offering direct degrees, you can opt for this as well. Usually, it is a 3-year course, but in some universities, it can be more. Chefs are some of the best-paid professionals with many starting their own businesses.

3. Physical Fitness Degrees & Certification

Decades ago, gym trainers just needed to be physically fit. Today, with the rise of professional gyms and people being serious about health, there are physical fitness degrees and certifications. In this, students learn about the human body, diets, nutrition, exercise equipment and everything related to fitness. Gym and personal trainers make a great living.

4. Degree in Filmmaking

Many students are daring to be different and taking up filmmaking as a career. Filmmaking used to be an unorganised sector with people learning this skill by working on the job, under an established filmmaker. Today, legit degrees and courses teach students all the aspects of making a film. This is usually a 3-year course but depends on the school you get into.

5. Degree in Game Designing

The gaming industry is growing and more experts are required to sustain the positive growth. Therefore, if you are passionate about video and mobile games, you can get a degree in game designing. This is a 3-year degree, and with this, you can get a job as a designer or a game tester. You will be mostly working with software and technology.

Why Choose The Right Graduation Course After 12th?

Your graduation course is the most important step in your career. Many times, students arent sure what to do after 12th and end up making the wrong decision. So, many people today are stuck in the wrong professions with the wrong degree. However, dont let that happen to you. Carefully choose your graduation subject with due diligence. Here are 5 reasons to pick the right graduation course.

  • For Your Career – The graduation course you choose is what you make your career in, so you have to make the right choice for a successful and fulfilling career.


  • For Saving Time & Money – After realising they are in the wrong graduation course, many change their stream after having wasted a lot of time and money. The right graduation course from the beginning will save you precious time and money.


  • For Connections – If you pick the right course, you will meet like-minded students and end up making lifelong friends. These connections are also useful for your professional life.


  • For Success – People only succeed in things they are good at. If you are not good at your graduation course, you are bound to falter.But if you do what you love, you will succeed.


  • For Your Happiness – Nobody is happy doing something they dont love. Therefore, if you choose correctly, you will be happy in your academic and professional career.


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How To Choose The Right Graduation Course After 12th?

Many students make the mistake of nonchalantly choosing their graduation course. They choose it for all the wrong reasons – some choose for convenience, some choose what their friends are doing, and some choose a particular course to please their parents – these are all the wrong reasons, and you can ruin your career.


If you are unclear how to go about it, here are a few things you can do that will help you choose the right graduation course.


  • Make a list of Pros & Cons – This is a simple activity that will help. Make a list of graduate courses. Measure their pros and cons, and eliminate the ones with the most cons. This will narrow down your choices a lot.


  • Do Research – Do in-depth research on the few courses you are considering. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to choose.


  • Look at the Career – Take a close look at the career choices you get with the graduation courses you are considering. If a certain career excites you, choosing the graduation course will become easier.


  • Take Professional Help – You can take the help of a professional career counsellor. They can guide you really, and help you see which the right path is for you.


  • Do what you Love – Consider your choice and gut feeling to know what is right for you. Choose a course that you will be happy doing. This will ensure you do your course well.


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Key Takeaway

The phase right after your 12th standard is important in your academic career. So, be careful of all the choices you make. Thankfully, todays students have many choices in science, commerce, and arts. There are choices even beyond these traditional education streams. So, consider all the information provided above and all the best to all you students for your academic careers.


For more guidance on what to do after your 12th, you can speak to our counsellors who will guide you to the best of their abilities. Get in touch today!