Amongst various other colleges, ASM-IMCOST’s name is unbeatable and unsurpassable in the industry due to the delivery of quality education through a well organized and structured curriculum. Our Master in Human Resource Development Management (MHRDM) course has also become popular as the course structure is well organized with the inclusion of rigorous class-room training and extracurricular activities for personal development. The course is a blend of comprehensive theory and practical learning under the guidance of highly experienced and proficient faculty.

What are the Subjects Covered under MHRDM?

ASM-IMCOST’s three years part time Master in Human Resource Development Management course is designed to provide you with indispensable knowledge that helps you manage or handle human resources of an organization. The course, which is divided into 6 semesters, helps you grab top positions in private or public sector organizations in India or abroad.

Here is a brief on subjects that are covered in each semester of Master in Human Resource Development Management course.

1st Semester – Basics of Financial Accounting, Business Law, Cost Management and Management Control, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management and Quantitative Methods in Management are taught in this semester.

2nd Semester – You will learn in detail about Personnel Law & Management, Managerial Economics, Production Management, marketing Management, Research Methodology, and Financial Management in the 2nd semester of MHRDM course.

3rd Semester – Introduction to Computers / MIS, Effective Communication, Business Environment and Taxation are taught in this semester.

4th semester – Our experienced faculty provides you with clear insights on Industrial Relation Environment, Manpower Planning, Personnel Assessment, and Organizational Theories, structure & Design in the 4th semester.

5th Semester – After the end of 5th semester, you will be proficient in subjects like International Personnel Management, Personnel Finance and Marketing Personnel, Organizational Development and Management Development.

6th Semester – The last semester is designed in such a way to include information pertaining to Entrepreneurship Management, Management of Environment & Productivity Techniques, Project and Strategic Management and Business Ethics.

With a comprehensive learning of all these subjects, you will be prepared to handle and manage human resources of an organization in an efficient manner.