In today’s globalized markets, where conducting business with foreign delegates has become a common task, it is important for young graduates to have knowledge and exposure to international business and educational scenarios. ASM’s Institute of Management and Computer Studies understands the importance of international exposure. This is why the institute takes immense efforts to provide activities, which will help raise the students awareness of global scenarios.

Opening Up Minds to International Scenarios

Perhaps the most successful activity conducted by ASM’s IMCOST is the international tours. The institute takes the students to different countries, where they visit a variety of organizations and educational campuses. The students are also taken to various tourist destinations so that they can get an understanding of the historical, social, and cultural aspects of a city. This helps in the all-round development of students.

During this study program, the students participate in industrial visits, talk to experts from various corporate and educational fields, as well as attend traditional classroom lectures. This gives the students an opportunity to understand the historical and socio-economic aspects of the local corporate and industrial markets.

The students also participate in social functions and festivals, where they interact with local and other international students. They learn about different cultures and traditions, as well as share information about India’s culture.

ASM’s IMCOST also provides a student exchange program, which is organized in partnership with various foreign universities. Indian students are given the opportunity to travel and study abroad for a semester in an international university. Likewise, foreign students are given the opportunity to come to India and take a semester at IMCOST.