MCA (Masters in Computer Application) is a professional course sought by students interested in knowing the basics of computer science, its area of practical and functional applications, and business skills. While the curriculum of this post graduate degree course varies from university to university, the core subject area remains the same throughout.

What will you learn in an MCA Course?

Before looking in to the career options after MCA, we need to understand the scope and study areas of this course. In a three year, full-time MCA course, you will get to learn:

  • Fundamentals of computer technology
  • Essentials of programming skills
  • Conceptual analysis of computer applications
  • On-site/ practical application of the knowledge pertaining computer and programming

Which fields can you pick to work in after completing an MCA degree?

A post graduate with MCA degree can choose to go in to a field of his interest and suitable for his aptitude. Following are some of the areas of specialization in which an MCA degree holder can develop a career:

Computer Programming: Execution of programs through understanding the algorithms. Application areas are security, maintenance, memory storage, development of portable operating systems, etc.

Software Testing/ Quality Assurance: Investigation and testing of the quality of a product or service. Application areas include quality assurance, risk management, debugging software, etc.

Technical Support: Provision of services and assistance to technology users for efficient operations. Application areas include technical support for software systems, computer products, cell phones, computer-operated mechanical systems, etc.

Rational Database Management: Systematic storage of database, entries, logs, and other related information with the help of a software arrangement. Application areas include database management for financial records, medical records, organizational information, logistical information, etc.

While the aforementioned fields highlight the scope of completing MCA, you can also look in to sectors such as networking, system management and maintenance, data communications, security, and E-commerce based on your interest. Nowadays, not only software companies but organizations from other sectors (such as manufacturing, transport, food and beverages, etc.) are hiring MCA degree holders. Be it a software tester or a coder or an analyst, the demand of MCA students is rising day-by-day.